2017 Firsts and Finallys

I know, it’s been almost three months to the day since my last confession. Can’t say that I’m very sorry for not being active here… I’ve been enjoying the Me, Only life. but I am about 30% remorseful, I miss the feeling of accomplishment that comes from thinking up something to write about, or even taking up the Daily Prompt, and then actually scraping my thoughts together.

Anyhow, here’s something that I completely forgot to share here on December 31st.

While 2016’s big thing was relocation, 2017 kept with the theme and became my biggest year of travel yet – but you’ve already read about that. Cheers, 2018, here’s to many more miles.

2017 Firsts and Finallys

– Finally became roomies with my best friend
– Became Auntie Bethy for the first time
– Finally got a passport, and promptly
– Crossed the Pond, backpacked the U.K. solo, then promptly
– Got literally lost in a foreign country for the first time
– Saw my first musicals on Broadway and at the Globe Theater
– Finally broke down and tried mussels. Ain’t so bad.
– Finally saw my first Degas!
– Saw my first Rick & Morty episodes. Not sure why I waited so long.
– Saw some celebrities in the flesh for the first time: Jimmy Fallon, Ben Platt, David Tennant, Parker Stevenson, Pamela Sue Martin (and attended my first ND convention!)
– Finally went to IKEA
– Joined my first non-profit organization
– Attended my first ACL, first Austin Celtic Festival, and first UT football game
– Finally got to New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Alabama, and Florida, and laid eyes on Canada
– New beaches: Old Orchard Beach, South Beach, Gulf Shores, Perkins Cove, the cliffs of York, the English Channel, and the North Sea
– FINALLY went to 221b Baker Street, crossed Abbey Road, and Saw Plymouth Rock
– Threw my own shows for the first time
– Finally saw ZEDD, Vulfpeck, Haken, The Killers, Gorillaz, and the Cult
– Planned travel specifically for an art fair for the first time (and first Art Basel!)
– Talked a New England venue owner into bringing in BÖC
– FINALLY ran around Harvard. Bucket list item for as long as it was Rory’s
– First dog vs. skunk encounter
– Toured my first castles in Wales, Scotland, and England
– Attended my first Vegas wedding
– Saw my first polo match
– Air traveled with an instrument for the first time
– Was finally told about Steam! Why’d y’all wait so long?! Got no less than twenty ND PC games for no more than 24 bucks total
– Finally rode a/some subway(s)
– Saw Ernest Hemingway’s, Orson Welles’, Ray Bradbury’s, and John Lennon’s typewriters. They live.
– Gave in to chicken and waffles. Not half bad, but only half great.
– Finally walked the halls of the Blanton Art Museum, Harvard Art Museum, London National Gallery, Tate Modern, Scottish National Portrait Gallery, National Gallery of Scotland, Museum of Fine Arts, Dallas Art Museum, and Pérez Art Museum Miami
– Had my first real Christmas tree


One thought on “2017 Firsts and Finallys

  1. WordsAndPeace January 30, 2018 / 2:45 pm

    sounds like a great year, happy new 2018 – in France we can offer good wishes until the last day of January, so I’m still on time!


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