2016 Firsts and Finallys


Obviously, relocating 1600 miles from Fresno to Austin was the biggest thing I did this year, but some of these are just as important to me. Cheers, 2017!

2016 Firsts and Finallys

– Finally stepped foot on the PCT
– First and second long-distance road trips, 4800 miles (and partially along Route 66!)
– Finally absorbed Powell’s Books
– Played my first Cali gig (opened for Rin Tin Tiger!!)
– Performed solo for the first time, at an ATX open mic for the first time
– Finally owned a Ford Ranger
– Finally ran around Venice and Cayucos beaches
– Camped Half Moon Bay, Tahoe, Big Sur (first solo camping trip!), Crescent City, Portland, Seattle, and Mt. Shasta
– Finally saw the Pike Place Fish Guys, Safeco Field, and went up the Space Needle
– Finally learned how to throw a knife
– Had Cajun seafood in New Orleans (and alligator for the first time, mmmm)
– Finally started up a book review blog
– Finally saw the Grand Canyon
– Roasted my first campfire kolache
– Had my first official roommate  (and brought home three gallons of cole slaw for the first time)
– Finally found the TARDIS
– Navigated to an out-of-town concert the old-fashioned way (no GPS, an unexpected first)
– Finally caught Devil You Know, Dream Theater, and Yellowcard
– Finally became a future sister-in-law
– Hung outdoor Christmas lights for the first time!