Well, it’s been probably four or five months since my last Waverly confession, and as guilty as that makes me feel, I’m also thiiiiiis much encouraged by it. No time (or, no time made) for blog posting seems to allude to a busy, event-filled, roller coaster ride.

That’s exactly what it’s been, what with my ownership of fifty jobs (hate it), my trip to NYC (didn’t love it), my brother recently tying the knot (still deciding on that one), and then my brother’s announcement five weeks later that they’re expecting (I’m putting that one off for another few years). I don’t remember the last time I ever paused my life for effect. Since 2013, it’s been one thing right after the other. I’m looking forward to getting to settle down for a little while, though, at least long enough to actually pass by the roses that I may or may not take a moment to stop and smell.

Probably most exciting about my last few weeks on this Rock is my wonderful new job with my wonderful new window view! Be envious. Today, we’re celebrating some accomplishments of one of our latest books that has just hit the WSJ, NYT, and USA Today Bestseller Lists. I’m giggling at my coworkers down below that are shooting a celebratory photo nearby our picnic benches, party hats and all. Just one bright moment today… Well, that, and a visit from my new office crush.

Tonight, it’s a little wine and some more of The Magicians (LOVE it). I’ve got friends that have a gig later on, but it’s already been a long week, and I’ve got this mini porcupine in my throat. Here’s to eviction.