Twelve Months’ Adventures

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Today marks exactly one year since the start of my first big excursion: road-tripping up the California and Oregon coastlines to Seattle, the oldest city on my bucket list. In the twelve months since then, I’ve found ways to achieve so many of my personal goals that it’s almost hard to really understand why anybody would let their dreams go unrealized.

Your only excuse for not achieving your goals or fulfilling your dreams is exactly that – an excuse. If you really want to do it, then make it happen, do whatever it takes, set a specific timeline for yourself and don’t let anything or anyone stand in your way.

July 2016: Road-tripped up the West Coast from California through Portland to Seattle

August 2016: Solo-camped Big Sur

September 2016: Road-tripped from California to Texas via Las Vegas run-ins, the Grand Canyon, and Route 66

January 2017: Saw musicals on Broadway via Grand Central Station before pie in Brooklyn

April 2017: Ran around New England for libraries in Boston and lobster rolls in South Maine

May 2017: Solo-backpacked the United Kingdom for sights across the North Sea, the English Channel, the British countryside, and, best yet, the Doctor’s tenth regeneration in the flesh (swoon!)

July 2017: Road-tripped from Texas to baseball in Florida via watermelon on an Alabama church lawn and beignets in the French Quarter

Twelve cheers to what the next twelve months have in store! Do something for yourself.


Accomplished Today, April 25th

One thing I’ve learned about accomplishing goals: 
You’ve got to be irritated enough with a state of incompletion in order to be motivated to work toward completion.

Since my return to WordPress early this year, I have had one thing on my to-do list that I’ve both dreaded and been excited about. My sister blog, “Shelf Rider”, is my book review blog that’s been in the works. Here I am, two months later, and I’ve FINALLY sat myself down to finish and post my review (happy dance!!). You can read it here.

I’m an avid reader. On average, I’ll down 3-4 books a month (sometimes finding myself lost in several books at once, I’m working on that). Book reviews, however, aren’t exactly my forte. Not because I can’t write them, just because I don’t particularly like to write. 

I’d just gotten tired of not having anything posted. 

It’s true in other aspects of my life. That pile of clothes at the foot of my bed doesn’t get put away until I’m tired of seeing it. The accumulation of books, jackets, and old event flyers doesn’t get cleaned out of my truck until I’m tired of digging for what I’m looking for. That trip to the grocery store doesn’t get made until I’m tired of having an incomplete stock of ingredients, or  until I’m tired of concocting dinner out of what’s left in the pantry or leftover in the freezer.

Am I right? A personal goal is just that, a “goal”, until a person is motivated enough to turn it into an “accomplishment”.

What are some goals you’ve accomplished after harrowing struggles with motivation?