Book Titles: Introduction

Well, it’s done. Last night, my buddy, Libre, and I debuted our acoustic project that’s been in the works forrrr… probably about four or five months, now. Am I glad to say that we’ve got the first show under our belts. I’m taking the opportunity to list a few notes-to-self for your insight and for my future reference, while my fingertips are still tender, sore, tingly, and peeling.

Things I (humbly) learned while playing my first public show in almost three years:

  1. NEVER practice guitar for three hours on a show day.
  2. If a photographer is going to be present, always iron your cardigan.
  3. Make extra efforts to actually strum above the sound hole and not above the fourth-to-last fret, so your guitar doesn’t look so much bigger than you, regardless of what size guitar Ed Sheeran plays.
  4. Grant more song introduction. When there’s a story behind the story, tell the story before telling the story. This also helps to boost nervousness. Oh, wait…
  5. Break down and be unafraid of wearing semi-dark eye shadow on show days.
  6. If another band’s equipment (i.e. stands, pedals, sheet music) is in front of you, they won’t bite you if you carefully move it over.
  7. Always give a shout-out to the soundman. Should’ve learned this one a long time ago.
  8. Keep a spare Ironman mask in your gig bag to hang on the drums behind you.

Libre and I have worked together on music projects before, and writing together has always come easy to us. He’s got a musical background in, like, everything, and can come up with lyrics and melodies very quickly. Works out for me, because I’m the worst at lyrics… My strong point is writing music. Our style for this particular project thus far has turned out to be somewhat of an acoustic folk/blues/soul, with hints of r&b and hip hop to complement Libre’s other explorative interests.

Our set list:

  1. Never Rain12592697_1731659190395973_6397010092852954167_n
  2. In A Coffeeshop
  3. Waiting In Vain (Bob Marley)
  4. The Distance (Oliver James)
  5. 16 Years (The Griswolds)
  6. Drive (Incubus)


The idea for the band name was actually a contribution from the Nixster. She had an idea for a band that would write songs based on literary characters, themes, or ideas, and would call itself, “Book Titles”. The band name stuck, but to be honest, there hasn’t been many literary references written into the music yet. Libre and I were handed our first gig before we had much of anything written. Rin Tin Tiger, a folk rock band from San Francisco, came through town and were also supported by The Morning Drive, a band from Fresno/San Luis Obispo/San Jose/wherever else those guys come from… and Book Titles was privileged to open the show.

Much love and thanks to the very talented Arthur Robinson, for snapping these memories. Find him at

Next time up: Cats vs. Dogs: A Benefit for No Kill Shelters.

Now, THAT’s gonna be a doggone good show.


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