Nearly 24 Years Have Passed.

Nobody is quite “old”, until they are quite dead.

Leaving home for the first time really teaches a person a thing or two about appreciation for surroundings, whether it’s the people, family, and friends around you, or cash flow and job opportunities available to you, or most importantly, the music and art scenes alive and waiting for you. Coming from Texas into California, I have experienced a livelihood very different from what I was raised in (as I’m sure can be said of nearly every Texas-California transplant).

It’s been two lovely years, and my only regret is that I didn’t actively catalog where my feet have traversed, what my ears have heard, what my eyes have beheld, what my fork has lifted, where my thoughts have perused… As I am sitting here contemplating the fact that 8,645 days have been lived by yours truly, I am thinking about how many new things I will possibly be able to accomplish in the next 8,645 days. I believe wholeheartedly that I have experienced more in the last two years of my life than I have in the entire 23.67 years of my existence.

Thus begins the pattern of my existence. The Waverly that comes with every new Dawn.


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